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4 Must Have Free Plugins for WordPress

4 must have wordpress plugins
4 Must Have WordPress Plugins

There are thousands of plugins available and many of us do not know which plugins to have on a WP website. It really depends on what kind of functionalities you want to add to your website. I will give you 4 examples of must-have plugins for WordPress. 

1. SEO plugin

WordPress has many good SEO plugins and the most popular is Yoast plugin. Yoast is a very good free SEO plugin and they also offer a premium version. I think the free version is good enough for most of us.  Some WP users have reported problems with Yoast. Some of the problems have been indexing issues. I think they have corrected this issue and that is why I can still recommend it. All in one SEO pack plugin is also a very good alternative. 

2. Cache plugin

Caching makes your website pages load faster. There are many plugins available and here is a list of the most popular ones.

3. Backup & restore plugin

A WordPress website needs to have a backup plugin. There is a risk that something can go wrong with your updates and also your website can get hacked. That is why you should have a plugin that will save you when something goes wrong. Some of the most popular backup plugins are.

4. Security plugin

Many hackers try to hack WP sites and therefore you should protect your website from these attackers. The most popular and free plugins are 


TIP: Do not use too many plugins or your website will be slower! Plugins can have an effect on your website speed. It is recommended to add only the plugins you need.



About me:

I am have been building WordPress websites for many years. I'm here to help you to gain more knowledge about WordPress. My website WP Kotisivut is a guide for WordPress beginners, for WP users in Finland. The website language is Finnish, so you probably don't understand a single word :)

No worries, I have a Youtube channel where you can see videos of WordPress theme recommendations. There are links in the video descriptions which will redirect you to the theme site (English version). I only recommend products and services that are really good.

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