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Useful information about WordPress, Themes etc. Some words in Finnish: Ajankohtaista tietoa WordPressistä ja kaikkeen siihen liittyvästä. WP Teemat (themes) videoita.

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  • WordPress is the most popular website platform

    31 August 2018 ( #wordpress, #wordpress themes, #best wordpress themes )

    Many of us already know that WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world. You may ask why is WordPress so popular? There are many reasons why WordPress has gained a huge popularity and here are some of the reasons why: Open source, really...

  • 4 Must Have Free Plugins for WordPress

    01 September 2018 ( #wordpress plugins, #wordpress, #plugins )

    4 Must Have WordPress Plugins There are thousands of plugins available and many of us do not know which plugins to have on a WP website. It really depends on what kind of functionalities you want to add to your website. I will give you 4 examples of must-have...

  • Best WordPress Page Builders 2018

    01 September 2018 ( #wordpress page builder, #best wordpress page builders, #wordpress )

    Here are some of the best page builders for WordPress The idea of a front end page builder is to make the website creation as easy as possible. There are many page builders for WordPress and I will present some of the most popular ones. Divi Elementor...

  • Best WordPress hosting in Finland

    26 November 2021

    What is the best WordPress hosting service for website owners in Finland? There are many web hosting providers in Finland, shared hosting and managed web hosting. Shared web hosting is probably the first thing to come to mind when thinking about web hosting....

  • Wordpress themes video - Divi Theme

    31 August 2018 ( #divi, #divi theme, #wordpress theme )

    Finnish: Ensimmäinen video käsittelee ja esittelee Divi theme WordPress teeman. Divi theme & visual page builder. Käy katsomassa lisää WordPress teemat videoita Youtube kanavalla: WP-Kotisivut English: Divi is a really good WordPress theme and page builder....

  • MagPlus WordPress theme - Video presentation

    31 August 2018 ( #MagPlus Theme, #wordpress )

    MagPlus is a WordPress Blog and magazine theme. Here's a short presentation video: and here you can see a review and presentation of the MagPlus theme (for customers in Finland - Finnish language) If you would like to see more videos about WordPress themes...

  • Kallyas WordPress theme

    31 August 2018 ( #kallyas wordpress theme )

    Kallyas Theme for WordPress is one of the most popular themes for Wordpress. Demo teaser video: This is a video that presents Kallyas WordPress theme for the users in FINLAND (in Finnish) See more WordPress theme videos on our Youtube channel: WP-Kot...

  • UnCode WordPress theme - video

    31 August 2018 ( #Uncode )

    UnCode is a WordPress theme for creating a website, a blog or even to start an ecommerce business. Have a look: This is another video of the UnCode WordPress theme. The language is in Finnish but you can see get an idea what this theme is about. Would...

  • BeTheme presentation

    31 August 2018 ( #wordpress betheme )

    Presenting BeTheme for WordPress Presenting the BeTheme - Video - in Finnish language: See more videos of WordPress themes on Youtube: WP-Kotisivut

  • Woostroid WordPress theme - WooCommerce

    31 August 2018 ( #woostroid )

    Woostroid is a WordPress theme for ecommerce. It is probably on the of the best ones out there. Here's a video: Here's a video of Woostroid theme in Finnish language Here is a link to our Youtube channel WP-Kotisivut

  • Monstroid2 WordPress theme

    31 August 2018 ( #monstroid 2 )

    Have a look at a great wordpress theme Monstroid2 A video in Finnish presenting Monstroid2 WordPress theme Go to our Youtube channel to see more of the best WordPress themes: WP-Kotisivut

  • Newspaper 9 wordpress theme

    31 August 2018 ( #newspaper theme )

    Presenting the newest version of Newspaper theme nr 9 Here's another video about newspaper theme (Finnish language) This video and many other WordPress Theme presentations can be found on our Youtube channel: WP-Kotisivut

  • WordPress Gutenberg editor - Video - what is Gutenberg? (envato)

    31 August 2018 ( #gutenberg )

    Envato created a video about Gutenberg. Have a look.

  • What is SEO? a video from Finland that describes SEO

    06 June 2020

    Have a look at this really clean and simple but stylish video that describes SEO / Search engine optimization. It is from Finland (Suomi). SEO is hakukoneoptimointi in Finnish (language). Source: https://www.wp-kotisivut.com/hakukoneoptimointi/